“President of TSA Extends Heartfelt Gratitude for Successful Duk Lhocchar 2860 Event”

President Buddiman Tamang of the TSA extends his gratitude to all those who contributed to the resounding success of Duk Lhocchar 2860.

Acknowledging the pivotal role played by board members, founder president Subash Lama, former TSA presidents, and advisors, President Tamang emphasizes their unwavering support as instrumental in ensuring the event’s triumph.

Gratitude is also extended to esteemed guests, including chief guest Akhe Khadka B Tamang, Assembly Member Steven Raga, NRN ICC VP Mr. BR Lama, and others, whose presence elevated the occasion. The president expresses deep appreciation for the invaluable contributions of performers, volunteers, sponsors, and coordinators, whose dedication and efforts made the event memorable.

“Lasso Fyafulla!!! Happy Duk Lhocchar 2860!!! Gratitude.,” Buddhiman Tamang extended gratitude through the Tamang Society of America’s official account. “I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to all the board members and founder president Subash Lama, former TSA presidents, and advisors for your unwavering and unconditional support throughout the Lhocchar. Your dedication and commitment played a crucial role in ensuring the success of one of our biggest events. Without your presence and assistance, I cannot imagine how we would have managed both financially and technically.” You can read the full story here.

Special mention is made of Lama Guru and the Ama Group for their culinary contributions, creating a serene atmosphere during the Pooja ceremony. President Tamang also extends thanks to ODAAN restaurant owners Luisang Waiba and Sajooon Thokar for their exceptional services.

In closing, President Buddiman Tamang expresses profound gratitude to his fellow board members and, most importantly, to his wife and family for their unwavering support throughout the journey.

The president concludes by extending warm wishes for a joyous Locchar and sincere thanks to all who contributed to the event’s success.

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