Tamang Community in New York City Celebrates 127th Buddha Jayanti

The Tamang Society of America (TSA) successfully organized the 12th Buddha Jayanti on May 7, 2023, in New York City, commemorating the birth of Lord Buddha, also known as Buddha Purnima or Vesak. The event featured a coordinated ceremony led by Lama gurus, including meditation sessions, and saw enthusiastic participation from a sizable contingent of the Tamang community.

The Tamang Society of America (TSA) received a generous financial donation of $4367, enabling the organization to successfully conduct the recent Buddha Jayanti ceremony in New York City. The cost deposit of $2273 was utilized judiciously, resulting in a surplus of $2094, which will be utilized for future community events. The TSA expresses heartfelt gratitude to the New York residents, the Tamang community, and Buddhist religious practitioners, including Guru Lama, for their enthusiastic participation and unwavering support that contributed to the success of the ceremony.

The organization also extends thanks to individuals who generously contributed through various means, including donations, prasad, homemade sweets, and other valuable support. The TSA looks forward to receiving continued support, invaluable advice, and suggestions from the community and organization to enhance future events.

Here are some glimpses from the event: Photo Courtesy of Shamser Yonjan

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